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Conveyor belt manufacturers

Victoria Industries in an Italian manufacturer and within the most qualified in the manufacturering of rubber conveyor belts, rubber elevator belts and other technical rubber articles.

VICTORIA is the reference point for the design and construction of conveyor belts adaptable to different industrial sectors and customizable according to the specific requests of the individual customer.
Intended for the transport of objects or materials of various kinds, volumes and sizes, VICTORIA conveyor belts offer several advantages in terms of low energy consumption, low surveillance cost and small footprint.

We produce conveyor belts in AISI 304 and AISI 306 stainless steel (especially for the food sector), in order to avoid the oxidation of metals and ensure efficient cleaning and greater hygiene of the product. The union of the individual stainless steel parts is carried out by TIG welding with relative brushing of the bead.

All our conveyor belts are delivered to the customer accompanied by the EC Declaration of Conformity, Test Sheet, Use and Maintenance Manual and comply with the following regulations in force:

  • UNI EN ISO 12100
  • UNI EN 13857
  • UNI EN 953
  • Directives 2006/42/CE, 2014/35/UE and 2014/30/UE

Conveyor belts for meat processing

Thermodrive conveyor belts (easy-clean)

The Thermodrive conveyor belt system is designed to face the risks associated with food safety deriving from direct contact with food. Defined as sanitizable, these conveyor belts are easily washable and do not retain dirt, thanks also to the scraper positioned at the final part.
Thermodrive conveyor belts are also bidirectional, as they can slide in one direction or the other.

Table top conveyor belts

Used for handling loose or packaged material, table top conveyors are modular and interlocking. VICTORIA produces:

  • open table top conveyor belts, to which non-slip rubber pads are applied to prevent slipping of small products;
  • closed table top conveyor belts, which allow any process on the belt without risk of wear or dispersion of the product.

Both types of belt can be equipped with wheels to facilitate movement into various areas.

Conveyor belts with metal mesh

The metal mesh conveyor belts are made up of meshes with wefts of different shapes made with steel wire or square mesh.

Product selection conveyor belts

The conveyor belts for product selection, designed in loco, allow the operator to sort the product according to its intended use.
One of the most classic configurations of this type of belt consists of two parallel sliding conveyor belts with an interposed workbench in food-grade polyethylene in the centre.

Conveyor belts for logistics and internal handling

The function of goods handling conveyor belts is to cover the distance within a production area, according to the needs of functionality and frequency of movement.

Chain conveyor belts

Our chain conveyor belts are ideal for transporting objects in the logistics sector, capable of optimizing even the smallest available space, without high costs.

Vertical conveyor belts

Vertical conveyor belts can be used in any industrial sector: their verticality means that they take up little space within the production area and are efficient during processing, making communication between departments located on different floors of the production unit even easier.

Roller conveyor belts

Roller conveyor belts, the most used in logistics, are the perfect and convenient solution for product circulation: they move goods to the end of the aisle, depositing the load on support surfaces or automatic lifting systems to insert the product into shelving.
Being an adaptable and modular system, the integrated rollers can move different types of products.
Roller conveyor belts are characterized by the presence of the main conveyor belt as a backbone, on which they can convey products from different perpendicular loading belts (even uphill).
The main conveyor includes automated exchange mechanisms for managing the path of the goods.

Conveyor belts for agriculture and fruit and vegetables

Bucket elevator conveyor belts

Bucket elevator conveyor belts are also made vertically to optimize transport, with relative separators to contain the product. Their particular modular structure can be used in confined spaces, still guaranteeing the transport of large volumes.

Metal conveyor belts for high temperatures

Metal conveyor belts are mainly used in the pre-cooking phase of food, as they are resistant to high temperatures.
In fact, they maintain their characteristics and reliability even when subjected to the heat necessary to carry out particular processes.

PVC conveyor belts

The PVC conveyor belts have several advantages, such as a prolonged belt life and less wear, simplified cleaning and maintenance operations, a reduced risk of contamination or loss of product and finally greater safety for workers.
The synthetic belt of PVC conveyor belts can be made using different materials, thicknesses, sizes and colours, therefore each belt has different characteristics such as, for example, high grip, anti-fraying properties or wear resistance.
The belts complying with food standard regulations are mainly used in the food and tobacco industries, whereas PVC belts, which are wholly flame retardant and energy efficient, are widespread in airports and the logistics industry.

Conveyor belts for washing produce

The conveyor belts for washing produce are equipped with a washing tank for fruit and vegetables.
The first section allows the washing of the produce, while the second section removes the produce from the water, drains it off using a perforated conveyor belt and finally transports it to the processing and/or product selection area.

Curved conveyor belts

Curved conveyor belts, ideal for transporting cartons or loose products, can be made using a PVC belt, modular plastic belt or metal mesh. Their particular curved shape allows the creation of precise layouts even in tight spaces.

Roller conveyors and conveyor belts for the furniture industry

Floor conveyor belts

Floor conveyor belts are installed at floor level: they can be embedded in the latter, with the control mechanism embedded in the floor, or positioned and fixed to the floor with special guides.
Many conveyor belts of this type use a mechanized belt which moves large products along the floor from one position to another without the need for manual force.

Tandem conveyor belts

Tandem conveyor belts are ideal for transporting voluminous, over-sized products. The width and position of the bearing surfaces of these belts are customized according to customer specifications, in order to allow an optimal contact area depending on the type of product.
In most cases, tandem conveyor belts are built with 2 lanes running in the same direction of travel, moved by a single motor.

Victoria, thanks to our design skills, is able to use all types of conveyor belts in multiple industrial sectors.

Conveyor belts: our achievements