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Custom industrial plants

Innovation and 4.0 technology fulfilling your every desire

VICTORIA designs and manufactures custom industrial plants for the most important companies around the world, using its design and production skills to offer high-tech solutions tailored to the customer.

Beginning with the feasibility study through project execution, processing of the materials to assembly, up to the delivery and start-up of the plant: for over 20 years VICTORIA has been dealing with every phase internally, offering its customers plants for peppering chickens, washing systems innovative, systems for hitching and unhooking chickens, trays for transporting food, bleeding boxes and numerous industrial systems for the various stages of the production process, always accompanied by EC declaration of conformity, test sheet and user and maintenance manual.

Industrial plant for chicken peppering

Our custom industrial plants for chicken peppering of are made entirely of stainless steel, with an automated system based around the movement of the chain that synchronizes the two main elements of the machinery during the peppering phase.
The plant consists of two units:

  • the first is a base structure on which the rotating chain conveyor is positioned upon which are hung some tubs for containing the chicken, limited by the stabilization guides;
  • the second also has a supporting base structure on which a rotating chain conveyor is placed, including a tank for loading the aromas. Through a cylinder for loading the aromas, they are introduced into the chicken by a “syringe” style piston.

These two units work in synchronization to carry out the filling of every single chicken, improving the working process and optimizing human resources. Once the chicken peppering operation is complete, the product is packaged for sale.

Industrial plant for re-hanging rabbits

The wide range of innovative VICTORIA industrial plants also includes the custom plant for processing rabbits dedicated to paw removal, installed in the production process at one of the main Italian meat processing and transformation companies.

We were asked to provide a complete installation to unhook the rabbit from the post evisceration line using a special hook, and transport them overhead to pass through the paw removing machine, and then re-hang the rabbit onto another line leading to the cooling tunnel.
Via specific chutes, the removed paws are collected in a dedicated container.

The new automatic cutting line allows the company to increase the capacity of the processing phases and to optimize human resources.

Industrial plants for the overhead transport of foodstuffs

It is an overhead transport system for the product that connects various areas of the production process which are distant from each other, useful for creating spaces within the areas themselves, simplifying and speeding up the work of the operators and automating the manufacturing processes.

The trays are hooked and positioned on a chain to slide in the direction of travel, passing between the operators who load the sectioned product on them, then following the entire line as per the design layout, up to the point of unloading of the product: here the tray opens by means of a special mechanism, letting the product fall onto chutes which are in turn connected to conveyor belts or containment tubs.

Depending on the type and processing phase of the product, it is also possible to program the alternating opening of the trays, where some remain closed and continue with the load up to the release point.
At the end of the chain’s circuit the trays are cleaned in the washing unit thus ensuring the trays receive constant cleaning.

Industrial plant for chicken release

The custom chicken release system is connected to the main production line via a wheel that transports the chicken.
The chicken arrives from the plucking phase, is attached to a hook that follows the course of the chain reaching a bypass:

  • if the bypass is active this will divert the passage phase of the chicken, dropping the unwanted chicken to be discarded in the containment tanks, while the remaining chicken will continue its journey towards the evisceration phase;
  • if the bypass is off, the chicken will pass through the chicken release system and then directly to the evisceration phase.

Poultry hanging box

The poultry hanging box is located at the beginning of the production phase.
Once arrived by means of transport, the chicken is placed on a conveyor belt that goes inside the box: here the operator hangs the chicken on a hook to remove it from the box and send it to the butchery.

The construction and use of the hanging box is useful because the whole phase of the movement of the chicken, from the conveyor belt to the positioning on the hook, takes place in compliance with hygiene rules thanks to the panels of the structure that protect from any contamination.

Bleeding box

The bleeding box consists of a tank of about 16 metres (but variable in its size) where the chicken enters after the evisceration phase.
Inside the box, the chicken is drained and the blood collects in special tanks placed under the box itself.

To facilitate cleaning of the box, on both sides there are doors which, by means of doors, allow the operator to easily clean the tanks.

Custom industrial plants: our achievements