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Systems and machines for logistics and internal handling

Logistics has always aimed at optimization and reliability in the organization and management of the various business processes: for this reason this sector must be equipped with efficient and quality goods handling systems, such as VICTORIA conveyor belts, ideal for moving, storage and internal management operations.

Speed, precision, customization: these are the keys that allow the logistics and internal handling sector to have everything they need under control, when they need it, in the easiest and most direct way possible.

Conveyor belts and internal handling systems

The conveyor belts and goods handling systems made by VICTORIA can be positioned along the corridors of the production area or warehouse, to perform entry, placement and exit of goods. They easily adapt to the needs of any area and can be customized according to the load capacity, dimensions and width required by the customer, thus offering a customized and effective product.

Some advantages related to the installation of VICTORIA conveyor belts are identified in the management of human resources, in increasing production performance and in better plant safety.

Custom logistics systems for the transport of bulk or packaged products

The logistics sector, in particular warehouse logistics, must be equipped with handling equipment suitable for transporting bulk or packaged products, so as to ensure integrity and efficiency within the department.
The safety that our plants offer is a strategic resource that benefits our customers, as they make the performance of the production phase efficient and stable.

At VICTORIA we encourage a constant and profound technological evolution within the company production process, combining logistical know-how and working with a view to continuous growth and innovation, in order to always keep up with present and future in the sector, thus offering the customer an increasingly efficient and competitive service.

Conveyor belts for Logistics

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