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Plants and machines for meat processing

In close collaboration with its customers, VICTORIA designs and develops innovative plants, machinery, conveyor belts and custom systems, for processing beef, pork, poultry and rabbit, always striving for excellence of performance, food safety and sustainability.

From post-slaughtering to packaging, passing through the cutting, harvesting and washing phases: VICTORIA offers customized production systems and plants for each phase of meat processing according to the production capacity required, which allows optimization of productivity, reducing to a minimum waste and improving the quality of the final product.

Efficient solutions at every stage of the transformation process

VICTORIA offers customized, innovative solutions to automate every phase of the meat processing line:


Once at the factory, the animal is transported by special systems installed by VICTORIA to a controlled atmosphere stunning system, thus obtaining a better product quality.


Then there are other phases such as the evisceration plant area and the cooling area, which in addition to microbiologically stabilizing the product, also thanks to the installation of VICTORIA washing units, ensure that the meat reaches the next cutting phase at an optimal temperature thus facilitating the process.


With the exception of meat destined for the gastronomy market, most of these arrive in the cutting department: VICTORIA offers various processing plants for this phase, characterized by efficient, flexible systems and positioned according to the specific needs of the customer.


Using a special conveyor system, on which VICTORIA offers a constant, cutting-edge maintenance service, the product reaches the meat deboning department, where, via a specific deboning process, high quality results are obtained, satisfying the growing demand in the market for boneless meat.


At the end of the production process is the meat packaging area, where all the products are quickly moved on stainless steel conveyor belts made by VICTORIA, up to the shipping area.

Conveyor belts and custom systems for meat processing

With a long experience in the food sector and important installations all over the world, VICTORIA designs and manufactures high-tech conveyor belts and custom systems, responding with innovation and efficiency to the demands of a constantly evolving market.

Starting from the customer’s needs in terms of product type, production capacity and available space, VICTORIA offers customer companies tailor-made solutions to optimize production times and costs, guarantee flexibility and speed in meat processing cycles and achieve high quality standards of the final product.

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