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Metal carpentry

Metal carpentry is one of VICTORIA‘s departments of excellence.
The great knowledge and expertise in the industrial steel construction sector allows us to design and build steel structures, beams, walkways, machinery protection nets and any type of structure for the meat processing, logistics, agri-food industry. , wine, furniture and other sectors in which proven company know-how and advanced 4.0 machinery make the difference.

Metal carpentry, stainless steel structures

Steel metallic carpentry structures

VICTORIA designs and manufactures structures in stainless steel, a resistant, hygienic, elastic and moldable material, which allows the creation of solutions tailored to the needs of the individual customer.
Our metal carpentry structures are characterized by the following characteristics and advantages:

  • solidity of the structures
  • possibility of prefabrication
  • quick installation
  • durability over time
  • aesthetic value of the material

Structural metal carpentry: stainless steel beams

In many distribution layouts, our specialized technicians identify the most effective metal carpentry solutions to support production plants, designing suspended beams from the ceiling, anchored to the wall or with column supports.

The use of stainless steel trusses ensures resistance to heavy loads and, thanks above all to the scrupulous attention to detail that has always distinguished VICTORIA, high-level structural beams are produced, recognized and appreciated all over the world.

Gangways in stainless steel and other metal carpentry structures

Our gangways are entirely designed and made of stainless steel, one of the most resistant and suitable materials to ensure the excellent success of the work as well as durability. The self-supporting structure is made up of practical assemblable modules and a non-slip walking surface, according to the safety standards in force.

The stainless steel gangways can be built in various sizes thanks to the variable modules, both in width and length. Their flexibility allows the creation of structures that are easy to install and capable of optimizing spaces in the best possible way.

The main feature of the gangways is to connect independent areas in complete safety, creating a sort of suspended corridor and avoiding the installation of multiple stairs.
This balance between creativity and safety means that we can offer various types of walkways and protective accessories, to meet the different needs of customers, including:

Standard gangways

Gangways with full steel or grated gangways.

Access gangways to the tanks

Gangways to allow the passage of operators in complete safety.

Connecting gangways

Gangways used to connect tanks and cisterns to each other, facilitating the movement of operators both along and up.

Circular walkways

Protections that are mounted in the centre of the tank and hooked to the gangways or to a ladder, modular protections that vary in size and models.

According to requirements, the gangways can be equipped with stairs or ramps:

  • marine ladders with fixed rungs, suitable for accessing machinery such as cisterns or tanks
  • spiral staircases, which can be used to easily access the cisterns

Metal carpentry for the protection of machinery

VICTORIA designs and manufactures metal carpentry structures and machinery protection nets capable of covering every possible safety requirement within the workplace, with the aim of protecting people from the risk of injury on machines in operation through safety systems that comply with regulations in force.
The safety nets can be used for:

  • safety protections delimitting the production areas
  • conveyor belt protections
  • meat processing machines and systems protections
  • safety nets against falling and parapets

The protection nets and all the VICTORIA metal carpentry structures can be easily assembled in a short time and can be expanded and modified according to necessity, thanks to the variously sized panels, for doors that can be opened to access machinery or the openings of passagways.
The materials and finishes of the safety nets and their supports ensure complete protection and durability, adapting to even the most difficult conditions of use.

Metal carpentry: some of our stainless steel creations