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Industrial plant maintenance

VICTORIA makes its experience, professionalism and competence available to its national and international customers to ensure a complete and timely service, ranging from 3D design to installation and start-up, including customization and constant maintenance of the systems.

  • Quick intervention times, without any production stoppage
  • Optimization of spaces, with dimensions reduced to a minimum
  • Team of specialized and highly qualified technicians
  • Use of advanced 4.0 technologies and in-house tools
  • Information management systems for the traceability of all elements

Industrial plant design

VICTORIA designs and develops industrial systems and plants with 3D design programs, such as INVENTOR and AUTOCAD.

During this phase, teamwork is fundamental: after a detailed interview and analysis of the customer’s needs, each individual proposal is evaluated, discussed and subsequently designed, ensuring its feasibility, in order to evaluate the final performance of the system and the satisfaction of the particularities required.

The operational knowledge and great experience gained by our technical team allow the company to guarantee rapid problem solving processes and cutting-edge executive speed.

Transport, installation and start-up of industrial plants

In addition to the design and construction of custom systems, VICTORIA also takes care of positioning and installing industrial plants at the customer’s premises: thanks to a team of specialized technicians, we guarantee the safety and integrity of the components during the transfer, we carry out the installation according to the project and start-up of the system, ensuring correct installation of the machine and successful testing.

Being present at the start-up phase is synonymous with in-depth knowledge of the system’s construction parts and the trust given to us by both our partners and customers from all over the world, as well as respecting the times agreed with the customer for the final construction of the system, of fundamental importance for the feedback in the target market.

Constant maintenance of systems, with reduced downtime

VICTORIA offers its customers a professional service of rapid, scheduled maintenance of the systems installed on the customer’s premises, with the aim of preserving quality and efficiency over time.

Our specialized technicians are ready to act promptly for the replacement of any parts of the system, without stopping production and without hindering the operators at work: in fact, we intervene at the most appropriate times, agreed with the customer, to ensure safety and continuity to internal production.
From this point of view we boast a Company Plus we are proud of, namely the replacement of the cooling tunnel chain of 7 km in 24 hours, with no interruption of the production process.

The professionalism and experience of our team allow us to offer a maintenance service even on machinery not of our production present at the customer’s production site.

Modifications and customizations on industrial plants

The design, technological and construction know-how acquired in over 30 years of presence on the world market, combined with the constant process of growth and comparison in which the company invests a lot, are just some of the elements that explain the wide trust given to us by our international customers and partners, who continue to rely on us for the design, installation and maintenance of highly customized systems.

At VICTORIA we identify the needs and requirements of the customer, to offer tailor-made solutions and quickly make any changes to machinery or systems over time, guaranteeing a professional and complete service of the highest quality, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.